*flying fish*

{Do you remember the birds that i showed you back in august...from jen's nursery? okay well just to give you a quick story about them...dad and i created these when victoria first came home (about 3+ years ago) and my older sister hung them over victoria's crib as a mobile. so when it was time for jen to set up her nursery...dad and i did the same thing and here is a picture of them hanging over shiloh's crib....as a mobile....}
{well....to get to my point of this post...in the box that i received today was
my dad's newest creation....}

{a moma and a baby fish...connected and ready to be displayed...}

{dad and i will be setting up an etsy shop (hopefully in november) for both the birds and these new fish..the birds will be available to be painted in a handful of colors and the fish will be available to be painted or left unfinished. both the birds and the fish can be purchased to be used as a mobile like shown above...but there are so many other ways they can be used...so hopefully soon..i will have pictures to share on how to use these in many other ways...i'll keep you updated on the shop once we get it all figured out....until then...let me know what you think....any comments...suggestions...thoughts...it's time to share!}

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