{it starts off with..."in every job that must be done..there is an element of fun" and then there is that catchy phrase "...a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...the medicine go down"....you know the song right? where am i getting with this?
well last night i was talking to my sister cara on the phone and i could hear victoria in the background singing something...so i asked her what was victoria singing and she said "a spoonful of sugar"...i have to say i had the biggest smile on my face!
you see...i had sent cara a cd a while back with some songs from mary poppins and the sound of music...the cd was for both cara and victoria...knowing that cara would love to listen to something we grew up with and also something she'd pass down to victoria...so here it is...the love for mary poppins...being passed down...if only i had victoria singing on video....}
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