*pottery barn vs etsy*

{i'm sure many of you have already received the new seasonal potterybarn catalog for kids?? well i did...this week and i flipped through all the pages one day...looking at the toys, the accessories...the decorated rooms and of course the cute little babies in their cute holiday outfits. But the one thing that stuck in my mind as i was flipping through the pages was that i knew i could find a lot of these items on etsy.....So to prove this...i looked up the items that stuck in my mind and here's proof that you CAN get a lot of those fun "pb-type" items off of etsy...oh and here's another great thing...almost all of the etsy items were cheaper then the potterybarn items...uh..i think it's a good insentive for me to shop etsy! }
{hint: pb items are odd numbers}

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