*weekend activities*

this weekend was pretty packed with things to do...on friday night we hung out with our friends matt & jenn...

they invited us over for pot roast....which was so very scrumptious!! i think i told them about four different times how good it was. after dinner and a drink...we went to see a movie...not just any movie...a movie that i was really interested in seeing and lucky me...so was everyone else..which movie you ask...well this one of course..

was it worth it you ask...i think so...i mean look at him..uh...the movie previews. ;)

on saturday b & i went to his office's Christmas party...

which was held at the Flemings in Dunwoody...if you have not gone...oh my..go! we got the
filet mignon, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus....i wanted so badly to finish everything on my plate but i knew that the desert was next and had to leave some room for that...it was a huge piece of cheesecake with whip topping and delicious berries. but of course..i could not finish that either..i was so full! my mouth drools just thinking of the food it was that good!

on sunday...it was our Christmas shopping trip...again in Dunwoody...for this Christmas we are only buying for the kids..which is 3 on my side and 3 on his side. it was so much fun. we had a blast shopping for them (they range from 3 months to 15) and looking at all the decorations. we even treated ourselves to a starbucks while shopping...b brought his new camera and was "experimenting" with it while we were shopping...it was a great weekend!

{me going down the escalator at Macy's...}

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