*so bummed*

{gosh...i am so bummed!! i just got a notice in the mail yesterday saying that my favorite magazine, Cottage Living, was no longer going to be published!! i'm in total denial...that can't be...it's one of my favorite magazines...tied with Domino...of course. i just know my older sister's going to be bummed too...it's one of her favorites as well. i can't imagine a month with out Cottage Living...over they years, i have gotten so many great ideas from that magazine...like just this past issue...(the cover pictured above)..uh can we say totally my type of Christmas decorations! cara and i would call each other up and say..."hey did you get this month's Cottage Living? well have you checked out page 52?" she or i would be like hold on...let me get it...then we would go into the conversation of check out page 22...i love that color...oh and check out page 81...i like that ceiling..could i do that in my house??

how could you forget...Cottage Living had the all time best back page...not some boring quote or story...who could forget...Dear Cottage Living with Hoyte Johnson! i looked forward to finishing the magazine just so i could see how Hoyte transformed a cottage in need. you could totally use the ideas he gave and direct them at your own cottage in need.

i am so going to miss that magazine! they want to send Southern Accents in replace of my Cottage Living subscription...sorry...that just does not compare...so bummed.}

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