{i didn't have time to post about one of the gifts i made for Christmas..it was for my newest niece, Shiloh. well i guess the reason being...the gift wasn't finished until the last hours left before we drove up north....}
{a while back...i had ordered these super cute charcoal grey lounging pants for Shiloh...knowing that i would probably put an applique on them and give them to her for Christmas. well i contemplated on what to put on these pants because i didn't want the applique to limit the amount of items she could wear with them...after looking through my fabrics....i decided on one of my favorites...the red multi-colored floral fabric...perfect with lots of colors to choose from! then i realized..i can't just give her a pair of pants..i needed to give her a special personalized tee too! so i came up with this simple little outfit...}
{for the pants..i added just a little heart on the toosh ...}

{...after it was all done...i was quite pleased with it all...but the tee did remind me of something a super hero would wear....so i guess it's a "super" tee!}

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