*etsy feedback*

{so i just checked my etsy shop and noticed i had some new feedbacks...if you don't know what feedback is..it's what a customer writes after they have purchased something from your etsy shop...sometimes you don't ever get a feedback and well some times you do...
i wanted to share some of the newest feedbacks that i totally thought were worth mentioning:
"we got it a 2 o'clock & immediately put it on. the cutest thing in the world. my favorite etsy seller...great communication & top-notch product. the real deal!"
"Shirt arrived today. Thank you for working with me on this custom. And...wow! The photos do not do these shirts justice. I love it. Absolutely adorable. THANK YOU!!!"
"For anyone who has the "grandmother gene," plumtreestudio is a must see. Sally tees are beyond cute. And you won't get better customer service. Highly recommend!"
"the grey color is amazing....my new go-to gal for all things baby! my favorite. so easy to work with....a pleasure."
i try very hard to make sure everything i create is as perfect as i can make it. i want the customer to really feel good about the money they just spent. i also really enjoy working with people and i love to help create the perfect item for whatever their need is....so it feels so good to read responses like these...i feel my hard work is paying off...it also means that i only will try harder to make everyone happy with their plum.tree items.}
{I love what I do and you help me to enjoy my passion of being creative....
Thank you to everyone who has ever supported plum.tree.studio!!!}
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