*ocoee river*

{yup...that's where b and i were this weekend. we did this on saturday...my first time ever.}

{i was positioned in the back of the raft next to the safety box. no partner to my right. i was a little afraid that since i didn't have anyone next to me..i'd be more likely to fall out. well i didn't! i was so surprised! i was also surprised at how much fun it was! it was beautiful too, the scenery was amazing. the only thing i didn't care to see was the gi-normous spider next to the raft. yikes! thank goodness for paddles! i was actually sad when our guide told us we were getting close to the end. the rafting company did take photos of us while we were on the river...but they wanted a little more then what i was willing to pay for the photos...so no actual shots of me with my cool bright orange helmet and 3x too big life vest on. ;) but b and i will be going back again some time!}
{if you are ever in Tennessee..look this company up...they are so worth it! you just need 5-6 people for your raft. or they will team you up with others.}
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