*don't disturb*

{i've really enjoyed all my potted plants on our new deck this summer. i have such a variety of flowers to look at and there's so much activity now that there are flowers on the deck. there are butterflies and an assortment of bees. the honey bees from next door love our catmint plant...so much that they decided to sting arden on friday night. yup...she got stung in the face. we didn't know about it until her face swelled up twice the size later that night. scared me to death. she's a dog that has to be where the action is at. that night in the house...i couldn't find her any where....she was in a spot that she never lays in...her poor face was huge and she was having a hard time swallowing. lucky for us the emergency vet's office was open and she was able to get an injection to help the swelling. i still love all the flowers and love watching the activity...but i now have to be uber careful that the dogs don't disturb the bees who are busy at work....}
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