*july's L.I.B.c's support committee members*

{maria and me}
{b and i lived in st. louis for the first 4 years of our marriage...we have so many wonderful memories of st. louis..one of them being our friends, mike and maria.}
{this weekend we were able to spend saturday and sunday with them as well as our friends, cory and julie. we all met up in nashville to take part in the celebration of cory and julie's daughter's birthday bash (more on that later). mike and maria surprised us with a gift for this months little itty bitty c's support committee...something we were not expecting! they chose the perfect gift for our little one....you see...while living in st. louis....b and i were big cardinals fans (pretty much everyone who lives there becomes one!)....we went to soooo many games and always had a blast at every one!}
{maria and mike surprised us with a little tee that says" my first cardinals tee" and the cutest little ball cap with st. louis cardinals colors. i told maria these were absolutely perfect because now we will be able to give our little one a piece of our history!}
{thank you so so much maria and mike!! you have touched our hearts and we thank you for your support in our journey!}
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