*what a weekend...*

{we had! b and i look forward to this weekend every year. it's the one time out of the year that we get to drive up to our friend's house in nashville. our friend's cory and julie host a big bash for their oldest daughter's birthday. this year i think it topped all the others...you might remember my post from last year...well this year...they rented the blow up slide again and of course the adults waited for the little ones to leave the party before
we all had our fun with it...}

{of course...b and i had fun on it...this is us going down the slide...it was fun until we hit the bottom and our headS collided! lol. thanks for the picture lori!!}

{it was the perfect weather (high 70's?) for an outdoor party...besides the slide...there was cornhole games going on all the time...}

{most of the men/boys played cornhole...b loves a little competition. he and his partner (julie's cousin) had a good team going...there were also balls, hula hoops, kiddie pools and these unusual three wheeled "bikes" called "turtles" that maria and i really liked...}

{maria and little one}

{on both days, maria and i raced the "turtles" (a name julie called them) down their driveway..we even raced the girls down the driveway several times...it was so much fun!}

{birthday girl and me going head to head...}

{the party wasn't complete without birthday cake. the theme of the party was butterflies...so julie whipped up two beautiful and very yummy butterfly cakes...}

{before we all left on sunday...we took a group picture...something we haven't done in a long time! it was so hard to leave...can't wait for next year!}

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