*a book...*

{we picked up many many years ago...i'd say at least 7 years ago...after going through some drawers in the guest bedroom the other day..i came across this baby book. b and i hadn't even started trying for a baby when we bought this book (back in st. louis)...we just knew that we had to have it....with its amazing watercolored illustrations...it was so unique..we were afraid that we'd never find something like it again...years later...now waiting for our baby...i'm so glad we decided to purchase it...everything about the book feels perfect for us. now i'm eager to start filling it out....let me show you some of the pages inside...they really are what made us buy the book...}
{the tooth illustration is what made us really want this book..it's so unusual and so freaking cute!}

{i love the mix of the pencil and water color details...}

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