*giving bundles*

{so i figured out what i wanted to do with some of the fabrics that were from this basket...i took and categorized them based on color, pressed them and then tied the bundles together with some ribbon. these three bundles below went into a very special box that is apart of the supply drive for the Sovietsk Orphanage. you can read more about it here. i'm so happy i waited to figure out what to do with all this fabric...it feels wonderful to be able to give these to girls who would not be able to buy these fabrics. girls who are amazingly talented crafters...ones i know will use these fabrics with delight and incorporate them into their special projects.}
{i still have three more bundles left and i'm trying to decide on what to do with them...}

{the orange and green bundles have fabrics that are close to a yard and some that are over a yard...hmm...we'll see where these three go to next...any suggestions i'd love to hear them.}
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