*a gift*

{this past friday, b and i celebrated 16 years together (you probably read the friday post and figured this out...). so for our anniversary...i wanted to get b a special gift. it took some time to figure out what the gift needed to be...but i ended up ordering a customized print from almost sunday designs...i'm sure you know this shop from the amazing mobiles karen offers! the print is called the perfect pear wedding print...one that is intended to be a wedding gift...you customize it with the typical wedding information...like date...location...name of bride and groom etc. but i really fell in love with the print and after looking it over..i decided to order it...i knew i could change the information very easily so that it read our dating anniversary...so that is what happened....karen of almost sunday designs created it with our dating information...
{she was so sweet and so easy to work with...i just told her our names, our anniversary date and the location where we started dating..oh and there is an option to add a quote or a poem at the bottom of the information area...i opted for something simple....i had her add this: past....present....forever.}
{it was short and to the point...i love that our dating anniversary is now incorporated into a piece of art. our special date is finally captured in a frame that will be on display for our future to see...}
{oh and i hope to have this weekend's show pictures up for tomorrow's post...}
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