*the show*

{this past weekend was the Avondale Autumnfest...it's a two day outdoor event in a neighborhood that b and i love! the one thing we did not know about the event was that they changed the location. the organizers decided not to have the event around the neighborhood's lake like last year...they chose the front of the neighborhood and used the streets for the tents.}

{on saturday...b and i braved the cold, damp, windy weather...feeling incredibly achey (is this even a word?) after the show and dreaming of a nice hot shower....but on sunday...we got the perfect festival weather...it was sunny, clear skies...but still cool enough for sweaters...}

{the neighborhood kids were out riding their bikes, getting their faces painted...and walking around with the most unusual balloon hats...}

{there were a ton of people walking around with their dogs...everyone seemed to be happy with how the day was turning out...i was just happy to be able to have my stands and signs stand up on the table and not have to worry about a gust of wind picking up our tent and everything in it....oh and of course...there's nothing like being able to take in all the beautiful new fall colors...}

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