*our christmas 2009*

{this year marked the first year that b and i had our very first Christmas away from home. every year we go up north to spend the week with our family but since we are adopting and in 2010 we will become a family of three..we decided to stay home and save money. we enjoyed waking up on Christmas Day in our own home. i am totally not saying we didn't miss our families...but it was just different, exciting and nice at the same time to be home...to be able to actually use our Christmas tree and enjoy it on the day that means the most. we received packages up until the Christmas Eve from friends and family members...this really helped us feel like it was Christmas...made us feel so special...we also had some really lovely cards sent to us letting us know we would be missed...each card meant so much to us!}

{do you remember the party set that i won from vintage paper parade? we used up almost all the wonderful Christmas cards and i got to put the gift tags to great use! loved them!!}

{i think arden secretly was looking for her gifts...}

{finding a spot for our new green and white striped stockings was hard. we do not have a fireplace nor do we have a armoire to hang them from...so i chose to hang them from our hanging rack in the kitchen...it worked really well...even when they were filled. not sure if this will work next year though...with three stockings that is.}

{something that we wanted to do was have good meals planned for both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. so on Christmas morning...i made us a very yummy breakfast of eggs, cinnamon bagels and strawberries...who said it was going to be gourmet? one thing we did though was create a very festive Christmas morning drink. this very delicious drink consisted of pomegranate juice and sparkling apple cider....the color of the drink was perfectly festive for our Christmas breakfast!}

{i have so much more to share with you...things we made...visited...received. so more to come...how was your Christmas? wonderful i hope!!}
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