*little itty bitty c support committee*

{for those of you that don't know what this is...i wrote about this back in june. the Little Itty Bitty C Support Committee was put together by my two amazing sisters and very good friend. they got a bunch of mine and b's friends and family members together (hence the committee) to help show us support in any way they could during our wait to become parents. so each month since june of last year..we have received a very special gift from a member of the committee. we don't ever know who it is so it has made each month so very exciting. if you are curious to see what we've received since june...go here....here...here...here...here...and here. the latest member was in december...it was my good friend, lula. she sent our little one these two adorable books...actually this is our little one's first golden book! yay! we love golden books!}
{the card that she attached with the books was absolutely perfect. it speaks volumes because this is something b and i have always believed in. we know there is always a plan...and this is the plan that God has created for us.}
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