*needing knobs*

{aren't these fun? for Christmas...b got me one of these (mine is the left one) sweet little gift card holders from anthro...and yes...was a gift card included. i hadn't given it much thought as to what i would spend the gift card on until we started working on the living room. do you remember this dresser that i repainted back in 08? well it's now going in the "new" living room. i had never found..wait let me rephrase that...looked for new knobs until now. i figured since the living room was getting a face lift...so should the dresser. well what is anthropologie known for? well besides their awesome outfits and chic home decor...their knobs! so i started to look at the choices...i could have picked more but i think i've narrowed it down to three...}
{these were the very first ones that i eyed...i loved vintage-ness of them and also the slight masculine feel they have...they might be a nice contrast to the grey-ish green dresser that has some feminine details...}
{then of course i am a sucker for colored glass knobs...especially these amber colored ones...this would add a great splash of color to the front of the dresser...}
{there were also these that i liked....so know it's figuring out which ones i really want....what would you pick?}
{oh and speaking of anthropologie...did you see this? cute!!}
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