{here it is...our living room! you can see the new burlap panels that we added...the front door which is almost never used...this will be sanded and primed soon then painted a nice coat of white to match the trim work. i have debated for many months on what to do for a window treatment on this door. i'd really love to just leave it without but at night you can see right into the living room/hallway and our office. not ideal. i'm thinking of adding just a simple white roller shade so it fades into the (future white) door. also i really love how much light filters in through the door when there isn't anything covering the glass...so i'd hate to put some type of curtain over it.}
{our red bench that my dad made us for christmas one year.}
{here is our newest piece that cost next to nothing at our favorite antique shop. i'm in love with the color! we use the drawers to house the remotes and cds...since there was no lower storage...we bought the white cabinet to for all of the equipment and will get a big basket to put the unsightly sub woofer in....for now my knitting basket is trying it's best to "hide" it.}
{and...here are the two large white cabinets that we got from Ikea. i really love how they look in our room. that wall has always been a problem to me because of it's length and location between the hallway door and the front door...it never felt apart of the living room. now i finally feel it does! oh and we added lights to the top portion of the cabinets which gives the living room a nice glow at night. the lowest shelves are intended to be filled with large baskets. we have two that you can see in the picture...these are my favorite from Ikea. we bought a bunch for the kitchen and they so incredibly durable. we went back to Ikea to get two more...thinking they'd be awesome for little one's toys and books...but Ikea told us they discontinued them. darn!
so now we are on the look out for replacements. something that was not expected was the nice large space between the rug and the white cabinets...we can see this being an area that little one will be able to use when playing with his or her toys or books. so there you have it...our living room that's about 90% done.....wanna see before shots...click here.}
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