*adding some fluff*

{to the living room is something that i've been working on lately...last weekend we were at pottery barn and i had been eyeing the new number pillows ...so while we were there..i had to pick up one for our chair. i chose our lucky number...3...}
{i also got a pair of linen pillows covers for our sofa...i was so tired of the floral pillows that had been on the sofa for so long. so when i washed them and the zippers fell apart...i knew it was time...but i really didn't need new pillows...i could very easily reuse the inserts...they were still in good shape...so i found these beautiful linen covers...on etsy! they might look like they are linen with a black design...but really the design is a dark chocolate. i got them from this shop...the lady is super sweet and so fast! i ordered them on the 3rd and got them on the 6th. i need just one more pillow...i'm thinking of a lumbar for our wire chair...but i'm still looking for the perfect one..i'll let you know when i find it.}

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