*baby - update...sort of*

{i realized that it's been a while since i've done an actual update on our adoption process. i've been having so much fun doing the posts for baby that i kind of forgot to give an update. sorry!
okay...so where do i start.}

{here we go...soooo...as of this month (we still have this last day of march...so i'm referring to march) we have been in our adoption process for ONE year and TWO weeks. that means that last year at this time we contacted our adoption agency and submitted our formal application....basically we got the ball rolling.}

{what are we doing now? well...we are waiting. waiting for our referral....for the past 9 months. for those of you who do not know what a referral is...it's a picture and information on our baby we've been matched with. we will find out if it's a he or a she and what he/she looks like as well as what their health has been and currently is. when will we get our referral you ask? well currently (and this can change at any time) the referral waiting period is and has been 12-16 weeks (sorry) months after your homestudy approval date. our homestudy was approved on June 26, 2009. that means we can expect a referral as early as June or as late as October. as of last year the referrals were averaging around 12 months...but recently we found out that they are averaging around 14 months.}

{is this driving us crazy? well in a small way...yes. we've been wanting to have a family for a number of years now but we have always believed that God has a plan for us and he has a very special baby selected just for us. so we know that when the time is right, we will get the referral showing us that very special baby. we feel very fortunate that time really has flown by for us. as each month passes...we look at each other and say...where did the month go? keeping busy with activities has really helped not to mention our support committee has helped us tremendously by keeping us focused on the future and helping us to stay positive.}

{since we've got any where from 2 to 6 months to go...we have lined up all sorts of home activities, travel plans, plum tree functions and other odds and ends...it's sure to keep the time flying by. i will admit...i did not let myself get excited until this year...i really did not want to torture myself...which i would have. the posts i have been doing on wednesdays helps out and i do get really excited about finding new things and browsing online for baby items. there is also the times that i wonder what our baby will be and what he/she will look like...a lot of times...it's while i'm driving to work or falling asleep. don't get me wrong...i'd love to have our baby right now as almost all adoptive parents would...but knowing that there is a little one out there that was meant to be our child...makes the wait so worth it. so there you have it...it's a small update but hopefully in the next couple months...i can share a bigger update. until then...i'll keep doing my "for baby" posts every wednesday.}

{by the way...the picture above is from persimmon and pink's shop...i adore their work...
check it out if you get a chance!}
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