*for baby*

{i love the simplicity of this line by oilo...}

{i like the playfulness of the animals in this bedding set...keeping it a bit more modern...i love the colors too...}

{and i'm a polka dot lover so this one kind of caught my eye...plus it has the colors i've been talking about using for a boy...}

{but after hours of searching online...i still haven't found a bedding set that i feel would be the one i'd want to get if we have a little boy. i really did not think it would be this hard to find something that i really liked....so i'm thinking it's either going to be custom or we will piece it together...you know..like maybe have a bumper made in a favorite fabric...get some really cute sheets...which there are a couple that i have found online and at target that i'd love to use...then maybe a skirt...still not sure if we need this for a boy's room. so where did you purchase your crib bedding from?}
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