*for baby...or me*

{i bought my first pie for blackbirds print two years ago at the ICE holiday show...i didn't have a purpose or spot in mind for it but i knew i had to have it...it made me laugh (two girls together located at bottom of post)...i kicked myself later for not buying any more while i was there...this past year luckily pie for blackbirds was back again...so i bought another print...loving everything they had in their booth and knowing that i would buy a ton more...i walked away....later kicking myself again.}

{lucky (again) for me and others...they have an etsy shop and website that features some of their work...like the first three prints...i just adore it all and if our little one is a girl...she will inherit my two pie for blackbirds prints (the two girls above and the green girl below)...and if our little one turns out to be a boy...well i'll just keep the prints for myself. ;) }

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