*le whif*

{have you heard of it? i was listening to NPR the other night as i was driving home and they were talking about this breathable chocolate that comes in a lipstick-like tube...immediately my mind flashed a picture of willy wonka and as that vision flashed...the reporter on NPR said this was an invention we all would think willy wonka would have thought of...but it's not fiction..it's real...it really is breathable chocolate...calorie free...and something that you can actually buy. le whif comes in three different chocolate "flavors"...the only thing is...it's like real chocolate...it doesn't last forever. i think they said it's has something like 8 or 9 puffs per tube. oh if you love coffee more...they have a coffee one too! i'm interested in trying it...i don't know if there are any stores around me that sells it but i do know quite a few chocolate lovers who might actually like this.}
{check out the website here...}
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