*The Beehive press party night*

{just realized that this post never got posted! sorry about that..it's a little late but enjoy the pictures of the new Beehive and a little about the press party we went to last thursday night!}

{had a great time at the press party! b and i got to meet some new designers and  mingle with some of the "old" beehivers. it was so fun to catch up with friends and to be able laugh and have a good time. the store looked amazing..the owners worked their tails off to finish the store on time. i could have took a picture of each booth..but as i mentioned before...i was too busy eating, talking and having a great time. the little boy in the picture above...he was the show stopper. it was close to the end of the party and he started to play the harmonica. the room went from tons of gabbing to pure silence. it was awesome. this little guy played like a true pro. we found out from his mom that he is self taught and he's raising money for the children in Haiti.} 
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