*silly, sweet and just too darn cute*

{i've gone through all of the photoshoot pictures...there were so many and i had so much fun looking at all of them! i wanted to share some of the photos that i probably won't use but i just couldn't help but want to share these few "out takes"...if you wanna call them that. this one above...i loved...not so much an "out take"...it's so sweet...these three little girls are good friends and i loved that their friendship was captured at the photoshoot....here are some more...}

{so silly...she kept touching my camera and i got her right after she touched it...love her smile!}

{doing what children do best...silly faces!}

{too sweet with his hands beind his back...like he's just strolling along.}

{killing time by dancing...love this one..i don't think she even had any idea that anyone was around.}

{caught in action...}

{anything to stay busy...from playing with a ball to...}

{opening and closing doors.}

{this little one was way too cute...and so fun to watch walk around...}

{these two were too precious together.}

{psssst....it's friday!! have a great weekend all!!}

{i want to thank all my adorable models and their moms for coming to the photoshoot and giving me so many wonderful photos to use! i wouldn't have these photos if it weren't for my friend julie and her aunt lori!! thank you so much ladies!!}
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