*i'm going to be here...*

{certain days this month...small house huh? it's this years Decorator's Showhouse. we've been in quite a few...or i should say..Stanton has been in quite a few showhouses...but most of his rooms have typically been on the second floor. so we are excited to be on the first floor this year! the room we have is called the keeping room. which is right off of the kitchen...and it's being designed by this well known kitchen designer. i'm excited to see the rest of the house..i usually get there early enough to take a tour by myself before the guests arrive. it's nice because it's quiet and you don't hear all the comments that people say while they are browsing...plus it's always amazing to see what the local designers have done to their rooms. if you are in atlanta this month...and you love to get inspired...come to the showhouse!}
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