*cREaTing awareness*

{you might have noticed the new button that is on the right hand corner. i wanted to let you know that this month is my good friend's cREaTing Awareness for Autism month! she had it last year and it was such a great success.so in honor of her son Brett and one of his programs F.I.R.E, rachel has decided to do it again this year. she has created some of her amazing quote canvases and brought out some brand new prints to sell this month in her shop. all the proceeds from these cREaTing Awareness sales will go to the F.I.R.E program. so if you are interested in giving to this incredible program...hop on over to rachel's shop and take a look in her cREaTing awareness section! but make sure you get the one you want...because once it's gone...it's gone. also...if you'd like to learn more about this month and the special sale...check out rachel's blog here...thank you (ahead of time) to those who participate!!}

{her new prints are only 16.00...so if you don't have a whole lot of money but would love to have a piece of her work...get a print!}
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