*new bibs*

{i've been working my tail feathers off lately...trying to get a bunch of things made for my installation today. i've been sewing robots...boats...snails...and making a bunch of bibs. i took a couple minutes yesterday to photograph some of my new favorite bibs..}

{love this combo...charcoal grey background with white and red flowers...so cute!}

{gotta love retro looking motorcycles and cars....}

{i'm in love with this fabric...the blue and hot pink are so unique and totally unexpected for a baby' bib.}

{these and more will pop up in the shop some time this week..or next...i also have some new favorite spring tees to show you...if the rain holds off a little..i might just be able to shoot some pictures before my install. oh yes...my install...what am i talking about? well i'm setting up my booth today at the NEW beehive shop! it's amazing...so different then the first one. hopefully i'll be able to snap some shots for you later today..we'll see.}
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