*baby wheels*

{my younger sister told me about this stroller company called phil and teds. i had never heard of it so while we were talking on the phone...we both went online and scored their pretty awesome website (i love a very detailed site!). she has friends who have this stroller and they love it. after reviewing the site...i'm thinking this could be the stroller we get. it's a little expensive but it's worth it because not only can it be used for infants... it can also be used for children up to the age of 5...also...this is what sold me...it converts to a double stroller. i'm not a big fan of the double wide stroller (sorry...i'm a little gal....only 5'-2"). the other feature that i love about it...is the adjustable seat (and handle). i've read through a ton of reviews on other strollers and one of the main complaints is that the seats do not adjust or they do not sit upright so their little ones are constantly pulling themselves up. this stroller has the upright seat...not to mention 3 other positions. i actually got to see one of these strollers (with the extra seat attachment) in action while i was visiting my sister last month....it is a pretty sharp looking stroller. the kids were happy and so was the mom...that's the best kind of review for me. what kind of stroller do you have and how many do you have?}
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