*little itty bitty c support members*

{our May little itty bitty c support committee members brought our gift over on sunday and surprised us with being this month's members. they...being our good friends matt and jenn...the ones i spoke about earlier...bought our little c, these two adorable books. the "clack clack, moo cows that type" made me giggle as soon as i saw the cover...but even more when i looked at the interior illustrations...}

{the other book..."beckett and the panda-monium" is such a sweet book...i can't wait to read these two books to little c!}

{the card that came with the gift...}

{if you are new to this blog...this card has meaning to me...i have two sisters...so this card instantly made me think of my sisters...two out of the three members (third being my good friend rachel) who put this support group together for us...(and for those of you who do not know what the support committee is...click here.)this card will find a frame soon and a spot to be displayed.}

{we feel so very fortunate to have our friends matt and jenn. they have been there for us from the beginning of our journey to become parents...they have sat with us during some difficult times and have been incredibly supportive of our adoption. thank you matt and jenn!! you guys mean so much to us!}
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