*weekend project..*

{if you are friends with me on facebook...then you already know what we will be up to this weekend...and most of you can tell just by looking at the picture what the project is. it's been a long time coming...our front door and side (front) door have needed to be painted for well over a year. after poring through photos of front doors....and then talking to my friend alyssa about my ideas...we found this picture...

{and it clicked...this is what i wanted...something different...but a color that was us...blue...was perfect. we love blue..so i went to our local ace hardware yesterday and picked up some blue hues to choose from. after any easy process of elimination...we picked...} 

{benjamin moore's bird's egg...i'm so excited to get this project started and see our white/unstained doors go from blah to beautiful! here is another picture of bird's egg (bm 2051-60)...}

{....something else we will be doing is remembering all those
 who fought and died...}

{if you are up for any type of history on WWII...then i highly recommend watching the mini-series The Pacific on hbo. b and i watched it when they first ran the series...amazing. my deepest respect goes to all those men who fought in the Pacific during WWII. if you don't have hbo...there is something else that i would recommend...it's called The War by Ken Burns...it truly opens your eyes to what not only our country but those men had to go through during the WWII (he is also in the works on making a documentary on the Vietnam War). brings tears to my eyes thinking about all their stories...such bravery and so much courage...have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend! see you monday!} 
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