*a walk in the fog...part 1*

{so here we go...finally...pictures of our trip...so on our second day at the cabin...we had drove past the river and noticed a road that we thought just lead you to the Norris Dam. we got brave and i had my dad take the turn. as we wandered down the road there was a little bend and it actually took us close to the dam but not where we had thought it would. we ended up parking in a lot and noticed through some trees that there was access to the river. so we got out....walked through the parking lot and down a hill...as we were walking down the small hill...this was the view that we got to see...}
{as i looked to my right...i saw this beautiful crane perched on a branch...what a site it was. the air was much cooler down by the river and the fog was amazingly beautiful... so peaceful and calm.}

{we eventually found a grass covered walking trail that took us along the river...it was incredible...i loved every second of it...being surrounded by trees and overgrowth...but having this amazing view of the fog and the cool river...it was perfect.}
{there were little spots along the river where the overgrowth broke and we were able to get
closer to the river...}
{my pop...standing along the river...he wanted to see how cold the water was...it was pretty cold. the air felt so clean...so refreshing..can you tell i enjoyed it?}
{after taking in all the sites and sounds...we turned around and noticed these set of stairs..we were still eager to see more so we decided to keep going and took the steps up to a new walking trail...which turned out to be a much different scenery...}

{i  think this is a great place to stop for now..i could continue on with pictures of our walk...but that would make this post incredibly long..since i have so many more to show you!
so i'll end it here and pick back up later this week...stay tuned!}
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