*little itty bitty c support members*

{this is a little late...but due to our crappy internet provider leaving us with no internet...i didn't get to share this with you (until now). so without further ado..our June Little Itty Bitty C Support Member was our very dear friend, Holly. why is she so dear...well Hol and i have known each other for over...um..20 years. gulp....that makes me feel so old! ha. Holly was there when b and i started dating almost 17 years ago...we all graduated from the same high school, she is good friends with both of my sisters and she was my maid of honor. without out getting too mushy...Holly is more then a friend, she's family. she's a very special person, one that you want to have in your life...always cheering you on and making you feel like you are the most important person in the world. well Hol used to live in Atlanta a while back and one of her favorite restaurants was Eclipse de Luna...so this past month...she sent us this very generous gift card to Eclipse...i only wish she was able to be there with us when we use it!!}

{not familiar with the support committee...read here...}  
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