*a walk in the fog...part 2...*

{so to continue from part 1 of our walk in the fog...}

{the steps by the river lead us to this beautiful tree lined gravel path...}

{occasionally there was a clearing...to the left of us...}
{where we would see patches of lush green grass and rolling hills...this view reminded me of Indiana...
without the rolling hills of course...imagine it flat.}

{there were all sorts of things to see on our walk...one of them was this structure that my dad noticed. it seemed to be an old zip line of some sort. we tried to figure out what it would have been used for...
we came up with all sorts of ideas...getting to the other side of the river...using it to transport items into the water...or for rescue...}
{after the zip line structure...we rounded the bend and noticed this tree lined clearing...
it was stunning...we expected to see this big beautiful home at the other end...but there wasn't...of course.}

{rounding back towards the river was this measuring device...the dark brown part at the very top was a little door...kind of spooky but the pretty patina was really pretty and it was just fun to figure out what it was used for back in the day...}

{a bridge that started to take us back towards the parking lot...}

{my niece and nephew were always in front of us...looking, running..pointing at weird objects and of course looking for flowers (a girl thing) or poison ivy (a boy thing)...}
{along the more open path were these bird houses every so many feet...we noticed that one of them was actually being used...the bird flew away as we walked closer it's little house...as we walked past...i noticed the bird waited a minute before coming back to her home...so i walked back to get her picture but felt she was really eyeing me...there was only a certain distance that she would allow me to get before she took off...so i kept my distance....}
{and zoomed in to get her picture...see her looking at me as if to say...one more step lady and i'll fly!}
{the rest of the path was beautiful...we left the parking lot and drove to the other side of the river. we parked and were able to look down at the river and the path that we just walked...}
{we also got a great view of the dam before leaving...}
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