*i finished scribbling!!*

{so you remember the scribble shirt right? well i so badly wanted to try it myself...but not necessarily for me more for a smaller person. i had a fun time with this tutorial. i picked up paints from my local joann's. side note...believe it or not..in atlanta there are only 3 joann's. it's crazy because none of them are inside atlanta. they are all about 30-45 minutes from my house. i wish they were closer...but then again it's probably good they aren't. i save money that way...okay back to the shirt..the thing i love about this shirt is you can't go wrong. you get to decide where the paint goes...you get to draw (with stitches of course) your own flowers...but they don't have to be perfect. they actually look better if they are not perfect. i really love the contrast of the bright colors against the white along with the black stitching. i think it turned out pretty cute..now i want to make one for myself! that's later though..too many items on my list to make one for me right now. maybe i'll be able to make one by Christmas? ha...}
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