*and now for the newbies*

{i've been talking about new shirts for quite a while huh? i even teased you with my new fabrics...sorry about that! well i'm not going to make you wait any longer...i only hope these new items were worth the wait. first up...my new numbered flag tee. i created this tee after i had received a couple requests for personalization on my pirate ship tees. if you know how detailed my pirate ship is...you'll know there's not a whole lot of room for extras. so instead of redesign my ship..i decided to "blow up" the ship's flag. i used fun red and blue nautical stripes for the flags...and then added simple numbers in either a tangerine orange or a sky blue....i love the combinations!}

{the new argyle fabric that i bought was so much fun to use. i created birds, ribbons, flags and these sweet little hearts out of it....these can also be added to lap tees as well.}

{the rainbow fabric was just too pretty and every time i looked at it...it would bring back memories. i love it. so i wanted to use it on simple appliques...like this bird. i usually add a button for a bird eye..but felt it really didn't need it. the stripes and colors were just enough.}

{do you remember the flag banner onesie i showed you last month? well i read all your comments and thank you so much for your thoughts on how to change it, fix it or keep it as is. i so appreciate it. i thought about the changes and then after looking at it and trying to figure out what was bothering me..i finally realized it was the colors. the red and orange was just driving me crazy. they seemed too harsh to me. so i thought about the flag banners that i love to see. the ones that i love are sweet with adorable colors and almost all of them have small fun patterns. so that's what i went for. instead of one continuous fabric on all the flags.. i used three in three different color ways. i decided not to use small ric rac this time and i think it works without it. i could always add it if i think it really needs a point of connection. i have to say that i believe this is one of my favorite onesies now. it's simple and sweet!}

{oh and you heard it here first...heather grey is the new white! or at least it is here at plum.tree.studio. ;) so what do you think of the newbies? any favorites or any that you'd change...i'm all ears...um...i mean eyes...one last thing...i still have more newbies on the way..hehe..really...i do. you'll have to wait until next week...ugh!}
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