*oh friday*

{i'm starting to really love fridays...b was gone all week and got home late last night so it's nice to know we'll have the weekend to be together. last weekend was a crazy fun blur...this weekend should be a little more mellow. a couple things before i start my weekend (early)...did you hear that the new fryd issue is coming out soon...love that magazine! if you haven't seen the first one..you need to check it out...here. also the new RUE magazine launched!! check that one out here...}

{i don't want to ruin it for you so i'll just share something that i loved while browsing the pages...these wooden hats on stands...love them! want them!}

{okay...one last thing before i'm outta here...if you haven't checked out lonny's new website...don't know what lonny is...well then you defiantly need to check out the site..and the magazine...it's fantastic! i love it!
have a great weekend!! i always love to hear what people are doing...so what do you have planned? either way..enjoy!}
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