*speaking of work...*

{i've been oh so busy this week..working on orders, projects, inventory, gifts....and some new applique ideas...yes my friends..i'm a working machine (which is good..keeps my mind off of the waiting). i actually need to stay in the "zone" because i just signed up for three local fall/winter shows that are all two day shows. gulp. i'm super excited to show you one of three new applique designs i have...but it's not done yet so you'll have to wait...oh the suspense..i know..i'm sorry! to tie you over...let's look at some ann kelle fabrics i just got yesterday and some i still want to get!}

{before we go any further...i want to say that i grew up in the 80's...there are certain things i love about the 80's and welcome back with open arms (and there are so many other things...i wish they'd leave them back in the 80's)...one that i am welcoming back is this rainbow colored stripe fabric...i picked up a yard...and i  l.o.v.e it! seriously...look at the adorable skirt that ann kelle made with her fabric...}


{i picked up some argyle too...remember argyle knee high socks? these fabrics were too cute to pass up (much better looking in person too)...so i got a yard of each. i was so giddy about my purchases that i couldn't just come home and put them on the fabric shelf...i had to use them right away..so i actually cut out a ton of appliques with both the argyle fabrics and the stripe one. all i have to say is they are...sooo very cute!}

{my shop didn't have this one...but i need to order me some..yum! wanna get some of your own?
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