{this really is not an addition and it certainly is not new. we've had this rocking chair for probably 9 years. we bought this sweet rocker when we lived in st. louis. at the time i had no purpose for it only that i really loved the uniqueness of the round back. i'm thinking this will fit pretty nicely in little c's room. i might need to have some cushions made (i'm not good at sewing custom things like this) for the seat and back. as much as i hate to cover the back up...i can only imagine how our backs will feel after a short time rocking a little one.}

{a couple weeks back, b and i picked up these alphabet cards. have you seen them before? they are so sweet and on the back of each card, there is a paragraph or two of information about the animal that is featured on the front. i don't plan on framing them to hang on the wall but i might frame little c's first initial...which by the way..will not be "c".}

{a couple months ago, i e-mailed my dad this picture and asked if he could make something like it for little c's room. (i had planned on buying that actual item but didn't get to it in time.) i didn't know if dad could make this from a picture but a week or so ago..i got a package and this was in it. it's not finished. dad cut the pieces for me and didn't want to glue it together in case i wanted to change it in some way. i love how the knot actually turned into an eye. i'm not sure what color to paint it yet but i do know
exactly where to hang it.}

{while i was in little c's room..the sun was shining so brightly in the room...i had to snap a picture of the blocks i have sitting on the future changing dresser.}
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