*a project for little c*

{so on saturday we went to our favorite little antique shop. we were walking around looking and talking when we spotted this very simple, very stable and very perfect in size bench. we checked it over and it was all solid wood and the price tag was sweet. so we bought it with the idea that it would go in little c's room. i've been talking about putting a bench in lc's room for quite some time....but hadn't found the right bench.  we picked it up on sunday morning and it didn't touch the inside. the bench was so dirty, we just moved it from the car to the back of the house for some surface cleaning...i..um...threw that wash rag away...yuck.}
{then we sanded it..sorry for a different type of picture. i used my phone during the sanding part. b sanded everything on this bench...top...bottom..sides...undersides..you name it..it was sanded. we knew it's top surface had to come off. after the sanding was done..and a surface was removed...i got my bucket full of soap and water and washed that bench down. we let it air out and then brought it inside.}

{after placing it in the dining area (please don't be jealous of my fine looking floors) b told me that it should stay there...i'm thinking we need to paint it and then decide...but i have to agree..it does fit pretty nice with the table. it might need to be painted that kermit green color i was talking about yesterday...we'll see...
to be continued.}
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