*the best kind of mail*

{this is by far the best kind of mail...a hand written envelope from my sweet niece, victoria! of course the paper did not look exactly like this. i have blurred out my niece's address for obvious reasons and well i blurred out mine too just because i don't want any unexpected visitors...my house doesn't stay clean all the time. ;) so inside my "big" package was a hand full of goodies!}

{victoria started kindergarten this year so she sent me a couple of her school papers! i loved seeing her work!! there were so many "wows" on the pages from her teacher...i guess that must mean she's doing
super duper in her new class!}

{i had to show you just how well she's doing spelling and writing her name...well done girlie!! but i have to admit...i had a favorite out of the bunch...}

{this beautiful rainbow!! it's huge..like four sheets of paper big! i need to lay some books on it to flatten it out and then figure out where i'm going to hang it! if only every day mail made me feel this good inside!}

{thank you victoria for sending me such a special piece of mail...love you!!}
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