*my stylish friend.*

{i just had to share this...my friend and co-worker, alyssa is one cool chick. she's one of those people that makes anything she puts on super hip. last thursday, she showed me this site that had some really beautiful braided hairstyles. we oohed and aahed over them and i secretly wished i could be that cool to pull one of those styles off...ya right. the following day...she recreated one of those looks...she's just too cool!}

{oh and i told alyssa last week that she really needs to start posting pictures of the things she does to her hair and her amazing ensembles. she is one of those girls that just being around her makes you want to go home and challenge yourself to come up with different ways to wear your wardrobe. hopefully she'll take my request...if she starts doing this..i'll let you know!}
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