*two years.*

{could it really be? you are two today?}

{the first time i got to "meet" you, you were so active, kicking your mommy and leaving foot prints in
 her side. i'll never forget the first time i laid eyes on you, the ultrasound showed that you had hiccups and i thought it was the cutest thing i had ever seen.}

{our first visit with you was where i knew you had captured a piece of my heart that i didn't know i had.}

{you were a baby with many facial expressions, each time i looked at you, i saw a new one.}

{you didn't need to be a baby that was all smiles. just being around you made me smile.}

{but when you do smile, it melts my heart.}

{you seemed to grow so quickly, with each picture we got, your hair would grow, you got a little taller..}

{you were turning into a little girl.}

{a little girl with a one of a kind personality, determined to make her mark in all of our lives.}

{you are two today and i can't imagine our family without you Shi. Happy Birthday to my youngest niece! wish we could be there today to celebrate this special day with you!}

{much love. aunt dana and uncle ben}

{last picture courtesy of andrea l.}

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