*country living christmas*

{okay..so now that we got snow on our minds..let's talk decorations!}

{i was so excited to see the new issue of Country Living in my mailbox over the weekend...there are always wonderful decorating ideas in their holiday issue...like this house that was featured. i want to take this twig idea and use it as a center piece on my dining table...i think i'd add a couple tiny metallic bulbs to it or maybe some of my glittered pine cones...}
{also in the issue were these beautiful feathered trees...i'm not much of a feather person when it comes to decorations but these are an exception. the only thing is the website that cl links them to doesn't have these pictures, only white ones...boo. oh well i know some really nice alternatives...like these yarn trees (love this shop!)...i want one in every color...oh and i could easily whip some of these wool trees up.}

{as i was looking through the rest of the magazine, i came across a tree skirt that i had found a couple weeks back and had saved the site so that i could show b....}

{it's this one from terrain (such a great store!)...i think it would look perfect with our tree...right now we have a burlap panel as our skirt. maybe we'll order one for this year's Christmas addition. do you do this? make sure you buy an item each year to add to your decorations? we try...}

{if you are looking for some decorating inspirations...Country Living has always been a place where i find tons of holiday inspiration..here is a picture that i have adored for a couple years now...it made me rethink our holiday color palette after seeing it for the first time. we used to decorate in silver and white but after this picture and receiving quite a few of my grandma's old ornaments...we changed our palette to shades of green, metallics like gold, copper and bronze and some hints of cream.
you can see our pictures from last year...}

{what are your Christmas colors?}
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