*it's december!*

{i think i say this every month...can you believe it's already December? i can't...really i can't. this year has flown by. it has been by far the fastest and yet the hardest year ever. i'm sure you all know why...we have now passed 17 months waiting for our referral. to date, this has been the hardest thing b and i have ever had to go through as a couple. when we started the adoption process last march we thought we would have a little one home by now. experiencing the giggles, the precious quiet moments, the ups and downs and seeing each other grow into our new roles. never in my wildest dreams would i have thought that it would take close to five years for us to grow our family. it has not been the easiest of times for me. i have to admit, i have never felt sadness like i have felt during this waiting period. some times it's over whelming. i'm ready for that sadness to leave and excitement to pick up where it left off. this is our path. we were meant to adopt.
our hearts and minds can only think about that little one in korea. we are ready to see our little c.} 

{it hasn't all been sad though, i have met an incredible group of women who are supportive beyond belief and have managed to touch my heart multiple times with their sweet sweet words. without these women, my outlook on this wait would be much darker and much less hopeful. most of these women i have never met in person and i think that makes our relationship that much more incredible. our support committee was amazing to have this past year. i am forever greatful for my friend rachel and sisters putting it together and for everyone who participated! you all brought sunshine to our dark days each and every month! we love you! but the best part about this wait is that it's brought me and b closer then we've ever been before.
something unimaginable after 17 years together.}

{{Happy December!! let's hope this is the best month yet!!}

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