*a great start*

{what a weekend...i have so much more to share..but i'm so wiped out right now (and i still have one more two day show to go.)...so i'll share the start of the show. on saturday...the crack of dawn to be precise..(7:00 a.m.). me and b met my co-worker and friend, alyssa at the show. we were one of the first vendors to start putting up our booths. so glad we went early...with 100 vendors..it quickly became a mad house..but in a fun way. i owe a big THANK YOU to my friend.}

{she was the best...getting to the show right at 7:00....willing and waiting for me to tell her what needed to be done. she was such a huge help to our set up! i had sooo much inventory (so glad i prepared a lot...more on that later)..so alyssa helped me figure out what i should put out and what i should stash behind the table. she was the master folder...making my onesies fit into the cutest little squares, helping me to figure out just the right way to showcase my new item and tweaking things that she felt needed a little umph. alyssa helped make my booth look it's best. thank you so much friend! i'm so glad you were there!!}

{oh and you might wonder why there's no good shot of alyssa...or a posed picture of the two of us..well she was in her "saturday clothes" and had "bun hair"...so she didn't want to be photographed...
even though she always looks uber stylish...hopefully she approves of these two shots. lol.} 
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