*keep warm*

{i talked all last week about a new item that i was going to launch at the ICE show...well i finally can tell you...that new item was a cozy and toasty little scarf for tots. i had been wanting to add a cold weather item to my line and scarves was just the thing to add. i had a lot of fun choosing the fabrics for the first batch. i went with a lot of patterns that could be for either gender...}

and of course i had to throw in a few boy specific ones like the striped one above with the dino patch...and a girlie one like this cute floral print below...}

{i really wasn't sure how they would do at the show...but they ended up being a hit! i wish i could have gotten some pictures of the little ones who tried them on. i am going to make another batch for my next show..i might change it up a little and add some more fabrics..i can't wait to make more..they were so fun to create!}
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