{this weekend was all about getting ahead...i have Paideia this weekend and ICE the following weekend so my inventory really had to be beefed up these past couple weeks. luckily, b has been helping me with a lot of the cutting so i can focus on the sewing, ironing, labeling and so forth. i used this weekend to finish any last minute details needed for my Paideia inventory and to really get a good portion of my ICE inventory started. i can say that i feel good about it all. we converted the guest room into our make shift work center. b and i both have work tables and it has worked out really well. my table (pictured above) is a mess...but at least i know what is what...when i need him to do something for me, i just place the things on his table. he's been such a HUGE help.}

{i took some time on sunday to vacuum. the house was filled with little pieces of thread, terry cloth shreds and fabric remnants. it was looking a little too much like a work house rather then a work room. }

{it's so worth it though...i'm really loving all the hustle and bustle of the shows. it's making me to think outside my normal mode and really work on multiple items at once. i even threw in a brand new item that i'm excited about. i'm going to launch it at the ICE show...depending on the type of feed back i get...i will continue making them. sorry can't show you right now...i promise to give you all some more information later..}

{don't worry...i'm not going to leave you hanging...i have some new cards to show you! i've replaced my old cards with a smaller vertical card that is a bit simpler too. i love how they turned out. the best part is all my correct information is on the back and there is plenty of room for me to write a quick note to a customer. i plan on ordering more but changing the picture so that i can alternate.}

{so how was your weekend? hopefully you are all adjusting well to the time change....}
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