*she did it!*

brr...27 is just a little cold...
{you may have seen some photos and information about my sisters race on facebook...but for those of you who did not get to see it...my sister ran her first half marathon over the weekend. it was dark and only 27 degrees outside when my sister started her race. luckily my dad was there so i could text him to see how she was doing.}

she's the one with her hands up...almost finished!

{ i would have LOVED to have been there cherring her on at the finish line! my sister finished with a time of 2 hrs and 22 minutes! she ROCKED!! oh and now she's hooked. she's going to sign up for another one next may. we talked over the weekend about her experience and we both agreed that it would be such an amazing experience if all three of us (meaning her, myself and my younger sister) could run a race together. ahh...that would be pretty darn cool.
we'll have to see what next year holds for us.
i guess we should know by the end of this year??...
either way..it's going to be put down as a future goal!} 
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